Put good at the heart of what you do

On Wednesday (12 November) I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Gloucestershire’s impressive new facility, the Growth Hub, to celebrate new student members of the Institute of Directors.

As well as receiving my IoD welcome pack, the afternoon was a fantastic opportunity to talk with a diverse range of business leaders and learn valuable insights from people working within various industries.

Among the crowd was Supergroup founder, Julian Dunkerton, who I was delighted to have a chat with. Having created one of the most recognisable brands in British clothing, Julian has a wealth of experience which he was happy to share, from the real value of PR, to the advantages of international work experience and the impact each can have on the success of an organisation.

But to sum up the afternoon’s event, I’ll share a tip from Claire Thayers, Director at Lacey Thayers: “put good at the heart of what you do.”

By approaching situations and challenges from the perspective of sustainability, individuals, organisations and their leaders are able to distinguish themselves from the competition. With aspirations of pursuing a career in PR, I’m certain this approach is something I’ll be able to utilise, not just during my search for a work placement as part of my course, but throughout my career.

That’s just a snippet of the valuable advice I was able to absorb from a single afternoon of networking at the Growth Hub’s event, in conjunction with the IoD. I’ll be sure to develop the connections I established, and will just finish up by thanking each IoD member who attended and everybody at the Growth Hub for hosting such a wonderful event.

This article was originally published by The Growth Hub

Adam Jones studies Business Management at the University of Gloucestershire and is also an Account Assistant at Target PR. Adam has also been involved with businesses in digital media and youth engagement, developing passions for social enterprise, communications and marketing.

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