Today marks the 11th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks.

67 British people were killed that day, along with hundreds of New York firefighters, the passengers on board the four hijacked airplanes and the thousands more who were in or around the World Trade Center.

It's one of those days that will continue to stick in our memories, for some more than others.

Thousands of people lost their loved ones and many people continue to suffer from illnesses linked to that fateful day.

Below are some images of the Twin Towers which defined the New York skyline from the time they were constructed, to the day they were destroyed.

Twin Towers design

Balancing construction worker at Twin Towers

Construction worker taking a break, enjoying his job

Twin Towers construction

Twin Towers rising above New York

Precise detail - Twin Towers

Twin Towers light up the city

Twin Towers dominate the New York City skyline

Fishing in the shadow of the Twin Towers

A wedding takes place at the top of the World Trade Center

Devastation as second plane heads for Twin Towers

Second plane hits the World Trade Center

Empire State Building watches over New York as Twin Towers collapse

People flee the World Trade Center

Saving lives as the Towers fall

Smoke from the Twin Towers engulfes the city

NYPD officer suffering from the smoke

Officers search the rubble of the Twin Towers for survivors

Smoke fills the city as the Towers fall

Friends say an emotional goodbye to fellow heroes 9/11

Statue of Liberty set in moonlight

But, somehow, good has managed to thrive from disaster.

US citizens will tell you they feel their nation is stronger having been brought together through those horrific events; security has been strengthened in nations all around the world; and many of those directly affected have found a way to overcome defeat and build successful lives, having been inspired by those they lost.

I'm sure it's a day we will continue to remember forever.

*Images used on this page have been gathered over time from various sources. I do not claim the rights to any of the images used. If you see any work which you believe to be yours, please email me and I will gladly credit the relevant work.

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