You've probably noticed by now that the exam season is well and truly upon us. For me, these are probably the last ever exams I will sit, but that’s all the more reason to get them done properly.

Many students believe preparing themselves for exams is all about revision, but that simply isn’t enough. Exams are just as much about technique as they are about mentality, so getting yourself in the right mind-set for an exam is vital. There’s no use learning all the key concepts if you’re just going to forget them when the pressure gets too much.

In the run-up to your exams, it’s certainly worth writing some essays (you can get past exam papers online) and getting them checked by your teacher. This will make sure you are getting your technique right for the exam. But don’t give yourself a day to complete it (as many of my friends seem to do); set yourself the time limit that you will face in the exam. Doing this will help you to keep your composure during the exam.

Another thing I’ve noticed my friends do an awful lot is let their negative thoughts override their positive ones. There will always be somebody around you not focussed on doing well and perhaps even trying to make everybody else negative too, but you have to stay positive and embrace the task that you’re facing.

Oh, and getting in the right headspace isn’t all about revision, so make sure you take the time to relax or chill out with your friends. This will take your mind off your exams and help you keep your stress levels to a minimum. But when you are revising, make sure to keep focussed.

Remember, “life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we deal with it”.

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