There's nothing more inspirational than somebody who is truly passionate about what they do, and on Friday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting just such a person - Alex Danson, a Bronze Medal Winner at London 2012.

After presenting awards to myself and fellow students, Alex told us about her journey to London 2012, including the highs, the lows and the monumental climax when she and her team won Bronze at their home Olympics! (I can't begin to imagine how incredible that must have been!)

Afterwards, I was able to chat with Alex and hold her Bronze Medal. I can honestly say she is incredibly down-to-earth, a fantastic ambassador for her sport, and a true inspiration! 

You'll remember one of London 2012's goals was to "inspire a generation", and Alex - along with the other members of Team GB - has certainly done that and continues to reach out and inspire young people.

So, as well as being commended for my achievements throughout recent years, I found myself inspired to do even more in the future, because if you put all you can into everything you do, you'll never regret a thing!

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